iPhone Battery Replacement – When is it Worth Considering?

Modern iPhones, the highly functional Apple-branded devices, are very popular in the domestic and international markets. Newer and newer models of this equipment are equipped with better components.

This includes, among other things, batteries, which are unfortunately also subject to many types of damage and failure. Consequently, once in a while, replacing such a component with a completely new one becomes necessary.

According to the manufacturers of Apple iPhones, it is necessary to replace the battery in such devices every 500-700 charging cycles. However, estimating when this will happen is very difficult.

Therefore, it is a good idea to keep an eye on your device to recognise certain symptoms of battery problems that require replacement. The following are some symptoms that indicate the battery is approaching the end of its life.


Battery overheating and sensitivity to changes in ambient temperature

If your iPhone heats up quickly when in use, then the reason for this is certainly your battery. In the case of a heavily used laptop, its severe heating can even make it difficult to hold the phone in your hand. This is, therefore a symptom that can be noticed quite easily.

Lithium-ion batteries in smartphones are designs that should not show much sensitivity to changing ambient temperatures. However, if the battery discharges at an alarmingly fast rate in hot or cold weather, it must be taken to a service centre for a replacement.

Rapid battery drain rate

Of course, the total number of hours of battery life on an iPhone varies depending on how intensively and how you use the device. Constant use of power-consuming solutions means that some people must charge even new phones with a working battery daily.

It is best to pay attention to how long the battery takes to drain compared to its performance shortly after purchase. A rapid spontaneous drop in charge in a little-used phone is a sign that the battery needs to be replaced.

Battery swelling in the phone

Various chemical reactions take place in the cells of a used battery, causing the release of flammable gases. Of course, batteries are sealed so they do not release such gases, which, over time, expand the casing of a used battery and cause various bulges to form.

A swollen battery is a dangerous phenomenon that, if noted, requires the phone to be taken to a service centre immediately to remedy the problem.

Professional battery replacement at a service centre

The battery replacement itself, which is offered by a professional Laptop Repair service center, is carried out in a short time and costs between £250 and around £400, depending on the model of the device.

Unfortunately, replacing the battery yourself is impossible, as special solutions are required to open the phone casing. Of course, decent service centres have such tools at their disposal.



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