Laptop Does Not Want To Switch On After A Fall – What Should Be Done?

Among the significant advantages of laptops is the fact that they are easy to carry around. Despite the considerable convenience, there is also a greater risk of accidentally dropping the laptop. In such a case, there may be a bump and a shock, which causes the laptop to refuse to switch on. Mechanical damage is very dangerous for such electronic devices, so it is worth avoiding it. However, when this happens, there are some options for solving the problem.

What should you do if your laptop does not turn on after accidentally dropping it?

When a laptop is dropped and stops turning on, then we are dealing with a fairly serious problem. This usually means that either the matrix or other electronic components, which are very susceptible to such damage, have been damaged. The only solution is to have the equipment repaired by a specialised service centre, which has experts who deal with such damage.

 Trying to disassemble, diagnose and repair a laptop by yourself after a fall is not a wise option. This is especially true if you do not have the necessary knowledge, equipment or skills. It is much better to send the device to a service centre. These professionals are not only qualified, but also have the right equipment to detect and repair the damage and replace the parts that have been damaged by the fall.

Other damage to laptops after falls

Fortunately, the fall of a laptop does not always have to mean damage to its sensitive electronic components. If it is possible to start up such a portable computer after a fall, it is most likely that its internal components have not been damaged. In such a situation, the most common problem is simply damage to the casing. This is evidenced by protruding sharp parts, visible cracks or problems with closing the device.

 Depending on the level of damage, the laptop case or its components can simply be replaced, but sometimes bonding is sufficient. You can carry out these tasks yourself, but if you want to make sure they are done properly, a much better option is to use the services of specialist repairers.

Shattered screen on a laptop that has fallen

Sometimes, after a fall, the laptop turns on but is unusable, due to the screen showing so-called ‘spider’ spots or lines, colour display problems, displaying bars, etc. A faulty screen may also not turn on at all, while the computer is working normally. In such a situation, the solution is also to take the equipment to a service centre, where the display or the matrix will be replaced.

 Of course, all service work is preceded by a thorough diagnosis, followed by the actual repair. Professionals also check that the equipment is working properly after repair. Another advantage of using specialists is the possibility of obtaining a guarantee for the performed repairs, which is something you cannot count on if you carry out the repair yourself. It is no wonder that even those with the appropriate skills, however, opt for the support of professionals.



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