Laptop Shows A Blue Screen – What To Do In Such A Situation?

One of the terms popular among users of desktop computers as well as laptops is the so-called BSoD (Blue Screen of Death). This is the characteristic blue screen that appears on the screen of a device when there is an error with the operating system itself, as well as with certain applications that have been installed. Sometimes such a screen can be indicative of a failure of a hardware nature.

 Most often, this type of screen triggers a reboot of the computer and causes the loss of all unsaved data. There are many causes for the appearance of such a problem (both software and hardware). These can be determined by the error code displayed or by using the appropriate software.

How do I solve the blue screen problem?

 The best option is to take a picture of such a screen or check the error codes with special software. This information can be passed on to others in online forums, but the best option is to opt for the services of specialised computer service providers. This is because the employees of such companies have the necessary experience, software, equipment and skills in dealing with the many different causes of a blue screen.

The most common causes of blue screens

 As mentioned earlier, a variety of errors of a software as well as hardware nature are responsible for the appearance of a blue screen. Here are the most common examples:

  •  Incorrect or badly installed drivers
  • Hard disk errors
  • Viruses installed on the computer
  • Faults in the operating system,
  • Malfunction or incorrect installation of external devices
  • Memory faults
  • Component overheating or failure
  • Power failure.

 Blue Screen – Methods To Repair This Problem

 There are many ways to repair a laptop that displays a blue screen. Some of them can be carried out by yourself, but in many cases it is better to leave such actions to professionals:

  • Faulty graphics card driver – this is one of the most common causes of BSoD display. Most often, the blue screen appears after installing or updating the driver. The solution to the problem is to reboot the laptop in emergency mode, remove the last installed driver and install the correct one.
  • Incompatible software – in this case, remove recently installed software that may be causing the problem.
  • Excessive RAM consumption – this is caused by turning on too many programs at once. The solution to the problem is to restart the computer and avoid overloading the memory.
  • Inefficient hard drive – the solution to the problem is to format or even buy a new drive.
  • Overheating of the computer – in this case you need to use the laptop for a shorter period of time. Replacing the cooling system and blowing out the vents is also a solution.
  • Virus – in this case, you need to use an anti-virus that will scan the entire drive, remove viruses and provide protection against the appearance of more viruses.
  • Faulty ancillary devices – it is worth checking if the blue screen problem stops when you unplug the printer or other device.



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