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A very important part of our offer is the service described by the keyword BGA replacement London. Our London BGA replacement service for desktops, phones and laptops offers a wide range of services and provides expert support for consumers and businesses whose laptops are experiencing problems with malfunctioning graphics cards, which are the most common types of BGAs. Our support in this area is efficient and takes very little time.

BGA replacement – basic information on these solutions

BGA is an abbreviation for “Ball Grid Array”, which refers to a certain type of chip enclosure which is the basic electronic circuitry mounted in the motherboard of a mobile computer. Typically, such chips are soldered to the PCB laminate using balls created from solder binder. The most common BGAs can include components such as:

  • graphics card,
  • north and south bridges,
  • processor

Our support includes expert assistance with BGA replacements from many popular and reputable companies, such as nVidia (GeForce GTX cards), AMD (graphics and ATI Radeon bridges) and Intel (bridges and graphics).

Professional BGA replacement – London

Problems with booting up laptops or displaying images are among the indications of BGA failure. Our staffs have considerable knowledge of such chips and how to replace them. We also have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to determine if a problem is caused by a BGA chip.

Sometimes the only way to get rid of a problem is to use our BGA replacement London service. This is usually the only effective way to solve the problem. Often BGAs are susceptible to wear and tear caused by high temperatures and intensive use. It is therefore important to take care of prevention and to ensure that the laptop is properly cooled. The optimum condition of the BGAs is a factor on which the correct operation of the motherboard depends.

However, it is not always possible to avoid problems with such chips. In such cases, the BGA replacement we offer in London is the only way to go. Of course, we use modern and precise equipment when carrying out such repairs, as well as new, original chips from well-known and reputable vendors. Consequently, our repair services are additionally covered by a long guarantee period.

Causes and symptoms of BGA chip damage in a mobile computer

The most common cause of BGA chip damage is the degradation of the connections that lie between the laminate and the core of the entire chip. This degradation most often occurs as a result of neglected laptop maintenance, a short circuit on the motherboard, factors of a mechanical nature or factory defects in specific types of chips.

If a BGA chip in a laptop (graphics card, north bridge, south bridge or hub) is damaged, there are usually serious problems when it comes to the operation of the entire laptop. Other less characteristic symptoms may appear beforehand. The most common problems associated with a faulty BGA chip include, for example, the following symptoms:


    • the laptop resets itself and has problems booting up,


    • the laptop not displaying anything on the screen,


    • artefacts displayed on the screen,


    • unstable operation and laptop freezing,


    • various functions of the motherboard not working (audio, network, USB, etc.),


    • BGA overheating,


    • regularly appearing “blue screens” in the operating system


If you experience such problems with BGAs, you should consider a professional replacement offered by our company. We provide effective support in this area and serve a wide range of interested individual customers as well as businesses in and around London. This is because this is the headquarters of our service.

Professional help for everyone

The great advantage of our service is that we employ qualified and experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge and excellent practical skills. We are able to successfully handle the replacement of both older and newer BGAs of many well-known, reputable brands. In addition, our skilled professionals are able to offer effective diagnostics, cooling system servicing and provide lots of useful advice on caring for laptops and their BGAs.

We are constantly investing in our technical facilities, which are designed for the effective diagnosis of standard as well as more complex and highly concealed defects. In addition, we have high-quality repair equipment and tools. The regular development of our repair and service technologies translates into high quality BGA replacements in London tailored to our customers’ needs and in line with the technologies of mobile computer manufacturers.

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