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If any problem with your desktop computer occurs, the London computer repair service we run will provide you with professional assistance. We guarantee effective support when various breakdowns and faults occur. The computer repair London we carry out involves the elimination of failures of a hardware as well as software nature. It is worth pointing out that we care that the computer repair carried out by us is characterised not only by efficiency, but also by short duration, high quality and appropriate technical standards. The employees of our company perform the services referred to as computer repair London. As part of such support, they do various updates and take care of the on-going maintenance of computers. Their support also includes repairing computers in case of start-up problems, installing Windows 10 and other services performed on request.

Professional motherboard repair London

Computer repair London – a professional and extensive offer

Of course, with our offer described by the words computer repair London, it is important to remember that it is extensive and includes many practical services. Below you can find the most popular and relevant and effective repairs carried out by our modern computer repair service:

  • Computer won’t start – usually the problem is with the power supply of self-built computers. However, if the hardware is factory-built, then computer repair is preceded by a precise diagnostic to detect and eliminate the problem.
  • No screen display – the service we provide, described as computer repair London, also involves helping when nothing is displayed on the screen despite the computer being switched on. The most common cause of the problem is a faulty BIOS or graphics card.
  • Windows start-up problem – our company’s specialisation does not only include hardware support. Our forte is also system and software computer repair London. Booting problems are caused by a number of issues, but the most common causes are faulty files and a damaged hard drive. A popular form of support offered by our London computer repair service in this situation is to save important files to a secure storage medium and reinstall the system. Sometimes it helps to perform an automatic repair using the built-in Windows function.
  • Creating a computer yourself from scratch – computer repair London is our extensive offer, which also includes expert support for customers who want to assemble a computer themselves based on the components of their choice. We operate a computer repair London service and this offer includes the creation of computers tailored to the customer’s specific requirements and budget.
  • Hardware maintenance and upkeep – our support is not just about computer repair London. We offer our customers in and around the English capital, expert support and various activities including general computer maintenance. Once every 1.5 – 2 years, it is a good idea to carry out such maintenance and cleaning activities. This will avoid a number of system problems, overheating or premature wear and tear of various vital desktop computer components.
  • Improvements of a hardware nature – the London computer repair we provide are not the only form of guaranteed support. If required, we know how to effectively upgrade the equipment, adding and replacing RAM bones, different types of hard drives, motherboard, graphics card, processor, etc.
  • Computer repair London – effective support even in hopeless situations

london Professional motherboard repair

Sometimes there is a considerable risk of complicated desktop computer failures, which can be caused by mechanical damage, drops, shocks or mistakes made during the self-configuration of the hardware. Problems with computers can be complicated and in such cases, thorough computer repair is essential. Quite often, this requires the disassembly of many parts and inspection of their condition, as well as replacement. Fortunately, our offer known as computer repair London involves not only standard, but also more complex repairs.

Every customer should bear in mind that the London computer service we offer relies on the work of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience. The members of our staff are very familiar with desktop computers and fix both standard and complex or hidden breakdowns. This in turn means that our computer service is efficient. It is important to bear in mind that our computer repair is characterised by its affordability. This means that our expert computer service eliminates the costly need to buy a completely new desktop computer.

Professional computer repair at short notice

It’s also important to remember that the computer repair we provide is a thorough and short-lived service. We are able to repair a lot of faults in the same day, but if a more complicated computer repair is required, then the diagnostics and other activities take more time. However, we always try to ensure that every computer repair we carry out does not take longer than 3 days.

One of the specialities of our service is the efficient and professional computer repair provided to individual and business customers from all corners of London. We offer support for a variety of makes and models of equipment, regardless of the severity or type of breakdown.

In these and other cases, you should use our service right away. We provide expert motherboard repair and get rid of the above-mentioned and other problems. We have state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment at our disposal, thanks to which we are able to successfully repair motherboards that other services have deemed impossible to repair.

It is worth remembering that we are highly qualified and have many years of experience in the service known as motherboard repair London. It turns out that in many cases of motherboard damage, it is not necessary to replace the chip. Simply replacing the faulty motherboard component is enough to ensure that the device regains full functionality and works efficiently and reliably for a long time.

High quality and efficiency

It is worth bearing in mind that the services provided by our company, are available to all interested in the London area. Each repair process is preceded by a thorough diagnosis, which allows us to detect even minor and hidden defects that can lead to more serious breakdowns, faults and damage. The range of activities that are carried out as part of the motherboard repair can include activities such as:

  • replacement of power sockets,
  • replacement of graphics card connections,
  • improving graphics card connections and other components,
  • replacement of KBC chips





Of course, regardless of the type of work performed, we take a professional and very thorough approach to the job at hand. Our advantage is not only the high quality and high accuracy of our work, but also the fast pace of our work which translates into a short waiting time for the repaired computer device. Our professionalism ensures that your equipment will regain its long-term reliability and, thanks to our reliable and fair prices, you do not have to worry about having to replace the entire motherboard or the entire computer. All you need to do is contact us and we will ensure the repair of your device.



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