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Our company includes a range of professional services, such as monitor repair. We address such support to individuals as well as corporate customers from London and the surrounding areas of the English capital. The staff at our service centre are more than happy to provide repair services for pre-existing or the new generation model of monitors, regardless of their manufacturer or design.

We guarantee efficient repair of various damages and faults of CRT, LCD, as well as OLED monitors, which are designed for home, office or specialised applications in the graphics industry, medical industry, etc.

Monitors Repairs london

If your monitor is not displaying an image and you notice dead pixels, distortion or stripes on its matrix, there is no need to worry. Simply entrust such equipment to our professionals. In most cases, it is possible to repair it by replacing one component. In this way, you can avoid the costly replacement of the entire monitor.
Of course, before carrying out the repair, we diagnose the equipment and inform the customer of the extent of the repair and the estimated costs.

Effective solutions for common monitor problems

One of the specialisations of our service is the service described by the keyword monitor repair. As part of our professional repair service, we rectify a variety of standard and more complex faults with various types of monitors used for many applications. With our service and professional repair, we enable you to combat problems such as, but not limited to:

  • disappearing image,
  • flickering image,
  • monitor does not show a picture when switched on,
  • frozen image,
  • problems with switching on the monitor


london Monitors Repairs

Our qualified, experienced and well-equipped staff, perform various types of services aimed at effective monitor repair in London. We have a wide range that includes the following scope of work:

  • replacement of the fluorescent tubes responsible for the backlighting of the matrix,
  • LCD monitor matrix repair,
  • repair of switching power supplies and mains power supplies,
  • effective repair of inverter module
  • replacement of RGB signal cable
  • elimination of cold solders (contacts),
  • replacement of OSD control processor
  • repair or replacement of analogue-to-digital converter,
  • efficient replacement of the image processor



We provide all individual and business customers with effective service and repair of monitors of many well-known brands, such as Samsung, LG, Dell, Fujitsu, Siemens, ASUS, Acer, Benq, Belinea, Gatecom and many others.

Professional support for various customers

Of course, we always make every effort to ensure that orders, as part of the service known as monitor repair London, are carried out efficiently and effectively, as well as quickly. This ensures that both standard and more complex breakdowns can be dealt with without long waiting times for our customers.
We warmly welcome the cooperation of individual customers and businesses in London, regardless of the industry represented, the purpose and the make and model of the monitor. We can provide support for both older and newer monitors. Often, by repairing or replacing a single component, the entire monitor regains its performance and many years of efficiency.

Qualified personnel are the basis

We are a highly recommended company due to employing highly qualified staff who boast years of experience in a service such as effective monitor repair in London. This means that our employees have considerable knowledge of the different types of monitors and their faults and failures. Moreover, they have excellent practical skills related to the effective repair of computer monitors and other important devices.
High qualifications and very good practical skills are important assets of our staff. They translate into precise and accurate execution of the tasks entrusted to us.

Modern service equipment

Our company’s very important strengths include the fact that we use modern technical equipment, which we are constantly developing. We have expert tools and professional equipment at our disposal. Regular investment in equipment and tools is a very important asset, as it enables us to successfully diagnose many hidden and more complicated breakdowns or faults in monitors.

Of course, our offer known as monitor repair London includes services that are performed professionally, regardless of the degree of damage to the equipment. Our support is not only noteworthy for its high efficiency and fast repair rate, but also for the fact that it will allow you to restore the proper functioning of your equipment without the need for a time-consuming and costly replacement of a new monitor.

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