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Repair of devices after liquid damage London

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine normal daily life without modern electronic devices. This wide range includes various types of laptops, tablets or modern smartphones. Such equipment is suitable for study, work, social life, and many other activities. Of course, in order for this type of equipment to function properly for a long time, it is necessary to take care of regular servicing and proper operation. Unfortunately, modern electronic devices are exposed to many adverse factors, one of which is liquid damage.

Regardless of the type of equipment, liquid damage can lead to serious damage, so it is worth shutting down the equipment immediately to avoid this. The next step is to have the equipment serviced by us. Our company’s speciality is, among other things, a service described under the heading of appliance repair after liquid damage London. We provide individual customers and companies in London and the surrounding area with expert support in this area.

Repairs after liquid damage london

Liquid damage phone repair

Liquid damage is often a problem for many people. This can occur from the rain, spilt water, dropping device in bath/ toilet. Of course, some branded devices are waterproof but not for severe water damage, their water resistance is limited to a certain extent. This means that they may be immune to being splashed with water or a drink, but they manifest various operational problems when drowned in a lake, pool, bath or sea (salt water is very bad for electronic equipment). Fortunately, our team has a lot of experience in the service known as device repair under liquid damage for customers based in London.

More often than not, a water damaged smartphone refuses to turn on and gives no signs of working correctly. The key to success with such a repair is to switch off the device and move on to the repair as soon as possible. It is also important to remove the battery so that electricity does not circulate in the device, which will wreak havoc along with the water. Our professional support consists of disassembling the phone, drying it and replacing components that are not reusable as a result of liquid damage and corrosion.

london Repairs after liquid damage

Professional repair of a liquid damage laptop

If your laptop is flooded, the first thing you need to do is to disconnect the power supply and battery, then dry the device. In this way, further problems with functioning of the equipment can be avoided. Before restarting your device, it is a good idea to visit our service for a service called appliance repair after liquid damage. This will ensure that the equipment is well diagnosed and inspected for any damage.

If we detect electronic faults linked to liquid damage, we will repair and dry the equipment effectively. With our support, symptoms of liquid damage can be avoided as such but not limited to:

  • non-functioning keyboard or touchpad,
  • computer not turning on,
  • sound signals from the motherboard,
  • resetting and the computer shutting down on its own after start-up,
  • non-functioning matrix of the portable computer,
  • failure to detect other components (e.g. graphics card, disk, etc.).


Our staff are excellent at dealing with flooded computers. As with other devices, once a computer has been damaged by fluid, our offer includes the disassembly and drying of individual components, as well as the replacement and repair of components that have been damaged.

Effective tablet repair after liquid damage

Our offer known as device repair in London includes effective tablet repair after liquid damage. In many ways, the symptoms of liquid damage and the methods of repairing tablets are similar to those of modern smartphones. We employ skilled staff with relevant experience in repairing equipment that has been water damaged. This translates into high efficiency and fast turnaround times.

Professional support for a wide range of London customers

Our London laptop and mobile phone repair service is a service company specialising in expert repairs to electronic devices, even after they have been damaged. We guarantee a professional service for individual as well as corporate customers from London and the surrounding areas.

We are highly recommended because of the high qualifications and many years of experience of our employees. We are well acquainted with mobile and electronic devices well-known and foreign brands. In addition, we know what to do to rescue equipment after liquid damage. In most cases, such equipment can be rescued provided that the key tasks are performed precisely.

We use modern diagnostic and repair equipment and are constantly developing our technical facilities. Such strengths translate into high quality service, excellent repair performance and quick return of your device.

We warmly invite you to make use of our assistance.

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