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The wide range of services we offer for computers and electronic devices not only includes many forms of support in terms of hardware repairs. We also excel in various forms of support when it comes to software. A very important part of our support is the service referred to as virus removal London. We provide expert support in terms of virus removal on devices belonging to private customers as well as businesses operating in London. We have considerable experience in such activities. As a result, in many cases, we help to eliminate various viruses without the need to lose valuable data and reinstall the operating system.

Viruses removal london

The most common symptoms of a virus infecting your computer

Viruses and so-called Trojan horses pose a serious threat to private and company computers, as well as mobile devices accessing the Internet or files from external sources. Even small and seemingly harmless viruses are capable of making life considerably more difficult, displaying unwanted adverts and even obtaining valuable data, such as bank account login details, credit card details, personal information, etc. In addition, viruses can cause many other problems. Some of the symptoms of a hardware virus include the following:

  • slow start-up and slow operation of the computer,
  • pop-up adverts in web browsers,
  • computer freezing and restarting,
  • Windows not wanting to turn on (Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11).




london Viruses removal

If you suspect your computer is infected with a virus, get rid of it with a system scan using an anti-virus programme. However, the problem is that not all programmes are accurate and sometimes they are unable to detect and eradicate the virus or all of its elements. Fortunately, as part of our service known as virus removal London, we offer the use of advanced virus eradication measures. This ensures that even if a virus does get through, despite a working protection programme, you won’t have to worry about your data or the optimal performance of your device.

Types of virus removal

The term computer viruses is very broad and encompasses many types of programmes. Our specialised staff use modern solutions, thanks to which we are able to get rid of the following malicious programmes:

Computer viruses – such programmes are able to clone themselves without the consent of the hardware user. They are capable of causing various damage to systems, such as stealing passwords and data, deleting important data and generally impeding the use of the computer.

Keyloggers – these are special spyware programmes that record strings of characters entered by the user. They enable hackers to obtain personal data, logins, passwords and other confidential information. They are often included in emails, as attachments or as appendices to other files.

Worms – these are programmes that slow down the Windows operating system quite a bit. They place a significant burden on the internet connection and the device’s memory. They are able to replicate themselves, so their spread is rapid. They can often be downloaded as email attachments or by clicking on inappropriate links.

Spyware – these are programmes that are difficult to detect and that collect information on user activity (insight into relevant data, browsing history, etc.). As a result of such programmes, important data may be disclosed to third parties without the consent of the holder.

Malware – malicious software including spyware, viruses or programs are sent to your device to send spam or steal vital data.

Adware – a malicious programme which, when installed, will cause pop-ups with advertisements to appear in browsers. In addition, such programmes change the home page in the web browser.

Rootkit – this type of programme gives hackers access to the computer and administrator privileges and allows remote use of the device.
Trojan horse – a file that appears to be useful, but leads to the loss of valuable data and/or even damages the computer.

As you can see, there are many types of virus threats lurking on computers. Our virus removal London is a service that can effectively eliminate the aforementioned problems, if standard anti-virus programmes and other solutions fail.

Effective assistance for every customer

Our company employs qualified and experienced professionals who are familiar with the various types of viruses and methods of combating them. The result of our work is the complete elimination of unwanted software and the possession of a fully protected computer. When providing this service, we use advanced solutions and software, thanks to which you can save your valuable data and even eliminate viruses without having to reinstall the operating system. This solution therefore represents a considerable saving of time and money, without having to replace your device.

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