Protecting Your Smartphone screen Against scratches – Basic information

Today, more and more people are using modern smartphones, which are often as functional as decent computers. Of course, such devices are exposed to many different malfunctions and damages. Among them, a fairly common problem is a scratched screen, which quite often accounts for around 35% of the value of the entire device. It is, therefore, not surprising that, for reasons of cost and functionality, it is necessary to protect such components effectively.

Today’s modern smartphones are equipped with a special “Gorilla Glass” glass, characterized by high resistance to minor scratches. However, it must be remembered that this type of glass alone may not be sufficient.

It is also necessary to provide effective protection against deep scratches and various damages so that the equipment retains its durability, functionality, and reliability for a long time.


What is worth knowing about Gorilla Glass?

The aforementioned type of glass was produced by the Coming technology company. This material has been specially strengthened through chemical methods and processes. Such glass is designed to be thin, lightweight, and highly resistant to various types of damage.

This is why it is the ideal choice for smartphones. Therefore, the screen is more resistant to damage than previous types of material, but it is still vulnerable to damage and does not guarantee perfect abrasion resistance.

Protective accessories are an absolute must

Investing in a screen protector, i.e. a thin piece of material that securely adheres to the surface, is a good choice. The primary purpose of such a piece is to protect the screen effectively against scratches, scrapes, and, to some extent, breakage.

When purchasing screen protectors, purchasing items made from tempered glass is a good idea. Such covers absorb shock in the event of a fall and are also highly resistant to damage caused by sharp objects. Glass covers are 0.3 – 0.5 mm thick, and plastic covers are approximately 0.1 mm thick.

Regular cleaning of the phone screen and case

At least once a week, it is a good idea to wipe the screen and casing of the smartphone with a special microfibre cloth after removing the phone from its case. By performing such a simple task on a regular basis, you will be able to get rid of various contaminants that could lead to scratches on the phone’s screen.

In addition, it is a sensible idea to clean the case of such dirt regularly. At least once a month, washing the case in warm water with washing-up liquid is a good idea, after which such an item should be thoroughly dried. The case will accumulate dirt, but if it is eliminated regularly by washing, an extra element of protection can be provided.

How you store your phone is also important

When carrying your phone with you at all times in your pocket, it is important to ensure that it is not in there together with your keys, payment cards, and other items that cause various damages as well as scratches.

When storing the phone in a rucksack or handbag, it is important to place it in a separate compartment away from damage-causing items. It is also essential to regularly maintain the cleanliness of the compartments in which the phone will be placed.

In addition, when putting the phone away and charging, it is worth remembering that it should not be put with the screen down. Even the smallest particle of dust or sand can cause various small damages, which get worse as the days, weeks, and months go by.

Remedies for a scratched phone

Of course, even if all of the above is followed, the phone, its screen, or its case may still get scratched. In this case, the solution to the problem is to use the services of professional repairers who specialize in the repair of phones in the widest sense of the word.  These Laptop Repair service center professionals are able to replace damaged cases and screens so that the phone regains its attractive appearance and perfect touch functionality.



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