What is worth knowing about the remanufacturing of LCD displays?

Nowadays, it is hard to live and function normally without being able to use mobile phones and innovative smartphones. These devices have quite a few essential functions, so they are regularly used by many people. However, in the course of standard use, a situation may arise where the device is damaged as a result of a fall or hitting something hard.

Professional phones are designed to be highly resistant to a variety of mechanical damage, but this resistance is limited. The cracked glass alone does not necessarily mean an expensive and difficult repair.

It is much worse if there is damage to the display. The glass is only a protective outer layer that needs to be replaced. Underneath it is the display, which is responsible for effectively displaying many elements and responding to touch.

Recognizing the type of damage is very important

The process of recognizing damage to the glass or display is fortunately not problematic even for beginners. If the glass itself is damaged, the most common symptoms are cracks or “cobwebs”, while the image will still be displayed correctly. Apart from this, the phone should have no problems responding to touch if this type of damage occurs.

Much more serious is the damage to the display, which manifests itself, for example, in a lack of touch response, various lines, and patterns that are not ordinary cracks in the glass cover. Dark spots and discolored areas may also appear on the screen, and some parts of the screen may be blurred.

Display remanufacturing as an alternative to replacing it with a new one

Recently, a service involving display remanufacturing has become very popular in the service market. The advantages of this process are the high degree of environmental friendliness (no electronic waste is generated) and the low cost. The repair itself involves inspecting the display for a distorted image, dead pixels, or lack of touch response.

Once the damaged glass, polariser, and other damaged components have been removed, the display is refurbished. The service technicians then apply a new polarising film, followed by a layer of OCA adhesive, and finally, the glass.

The final step, of course, is to place the display in the frame of the phone. This process requires the right temperature. Of course, before handing over the equipment to the customer, professional services carry out thorough tests on the repaired component to ensure that it displays the image well and responds properly to touch.

Why opt for a display remanufacture?

In the main, display remanufacturing is a process that is a less costly alternative to replacing the entire phone. Most often, remanufacturing is up to 50% cheaper. In addition, the device retains its functionality, and you do not have to worry about transferring data to new equipment.

There are quite a few specialized companies on the market like Computer service center, which deal with complex tasks, including the regeneration of displays in smartphones, tablets, etc. It is a good idea to take an interest in such offers. This is because decent services employ qualified, experienced specialists who offer effective, high-quality repairs. Quite a lot of valuable information related to such specialists is available on the Internet.



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