What Should You Do After Spilling Water On Your Laptop?

Nowadays, thanks to innovative technologies, people use computers practically everywhere. The purpose of such equipment is to facilitate work, contact with other people or to provide attractive entertainment. This is why handy laptops that can be taken anywhere, even without access to electricity, are so popular.

 Laptop flooding – what should I do?

 Of course, regular use of laptops means that they are very vulnerable to various types of damage of a mechanical nature, as well as other problems. One of the most common reasons for having your laptop serviced is if it has been flooded with water, a cold or hot drink or other liquid. Regardless of the type of liquid that has been spilled on a mobile computer, it is important to take the following steps.

 Unplug the flooded equipment and turn it off quickly

 The most important thing to do is to unplug the computer as quickly as possible, as water or other liquids can very quickly cause a short circuit. There is also absolutely no point in waiting for Windows to finish. In other words, you need to quickly disconnect the power supply and switch off the computer “hard”. This usually involves pressing the power button for a few seconds.

 Then, if you have the ability and skills, you can disconnect the battery, external drives, network cards, etc. In this way, damage can be minimised.

 Laying the laptop “upside down”

 Following the aforementioned initial protection of a flooded laptop is the protection of the motherboard against liquid getting into it. To do this, it is a good idea to lay the laptop so that its keyboard is upside down. You can do this on the edge of a table to avoid damaging the screen and lay the computer on a towel for the leaking liquid to soak into.

 Once the laptop is in a safe position, get it to a service centre as soon as possible for repair – time plays a very important role in this case. Above all, you should avoid trying to see if such a laptop can be started up. Plugging it in can cause irreversible damage.

 Take the flooded laptop to a service centre

 The last step you need to take after the above steps is to have your laptop serviced. Such companies are staffed by qualified and experienced professionals who know how to take a computer apart and diagnose it, as well as clean its interior. Only after such measures can the computer be switched on safely. Cleaning itself is important because of the deposits left behind by various liquids.

 What steps should be avoided after a flooded laptop?

 Not everyone is patient enough to wait the several hours required to dry a laptop. Some people try to perform additional activities that are not advisable:

 Using a hairdryer – the stream of hot air pushes the liquid deeper and adversely affects the condition of the electronics and case.

Using a hoover – not recommended, due to the possibility of damaging the keyboard.

Shaking the laptop – some of the water will escape, but some may go deeper.

Attempting to plug in the power yourself – it is much better to give the laptop to a cleaner and service technician to avoid more serious failures after plugging in the power too quickly.



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